Shazam is a free music app that lets you identify the tracks that you can hear playing around you. If you are in a coffee shop and you start hearing a music play, you can tap the Shazam application and the audio is matched from Shazam’s millions of tracks in its database. You will be given the complete information about the music including the artist, lyrics, video, and concert tickets if they are available.

You also have the option to buy the song through Shazam’s partners.The application can be downloaded for free on any android or apple devices. There is a new feature offered in Shazam that will let you identify the song and see the lyrics on your smartwatch.The advantages of having Shazam are the following: It helps you accurately identify the music you hear even on television shows, commercials, and other places. It is easy to use and convenient. It is available through iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac computers.

Other features of Shazam include the auto option which will identify the music you hear while you are driving. Even if the screen is lock, Shazam can tell you where you were and the time that you heard the music. The lyrics are displayed on screen and it will give you the full biography of the artist. You can get a link of the song’s youtube video. The songs that were tagged can be opened with Google Play, Spotify, and Beats Music. It can also be shared through popular social media sites including Twitter, and Facebook.Shazam is most convenient when you are driving, walking, watching a movie or a commercial. It also features the list of the television cast even though it doesn’t have a song playing in the background.You can download the application on iTunes for Apple devices and on Playstore for android devices.

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