There are a lot of illegal websites that offers downloading music for free and most of them have been shut down. We have here lists of sources where you can download music legally. That means that the music is yours and the artist has given permission for you to listen to their hard work even when you are offline. Here are the sites where you can get free music. These sites also offer high quality mp3 sounds.

CCTrax is the best place to download music that has techno, jazz, or an electronica ambient. You don’t need to register and create an account with the sit e. You have the option to download a whole album in one go. Aside from mp3 file formats, it also offers files with FLAC formats. Jamendo gives you the option to stream music for free. It has Creative Commons Licensing which will give you the option to download your favorite music or the entire album of your favorite artist. Although not all can be downloaded, you can still find great music selections by going through the sections that has the most downloads. It also has sections that include the most popular music, most played and latest releases.

Amazon is home to millions of music. There are a lot of great music selections that you can download by sorting through the release date, genre, artists , popularity or song reviews. You can download the free music by adding it to your cart like you are making a purchase and clicking the free button before you checkout.

Free Music Archive is where you can interact with other listeners and learn about their musical preferences. It will let you download a big collection of music and albums even without an account username. It offers many artists, genres, and song collections which is possible to download because of Creative Common Licenses.

PureVolume offers you a great selection of music, artists and genres. You can download your favorite music or albums for free without registering. The songs are automatically downloaded as an mp3 so that you will be able to play it on your phone or on your computer whenever you want. NoiseTrade is a completely legal website where you can download free music. You can listen to music and decide if you want to help promote the artist to your friends. It requires a zip code and email address. The mp3 music can be obtained by downloading a zip file. There is a top downloads section where you can find new selections of music that might interest you. The list just includes some of the legal websites where you can download music for free. You can discover a lot more by doing your own research to discover new sites.



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