Many websites offer free music streaming and it can be daunting to choose which ones can be good sources. This article offers a list of sources that stream free music online. Each of them has their own features and databases. The downside is that they also have many advertisements so you just have to wait for the ads to end before you can continue listening.

SoundCloud has a feature that will let you listen and explore several genres including Electronic, Country and Disco tracks. With SoundCloud, you have the option to follow artists and songs that you love. You will also be notified as soon as there’s a new music release from your favorite artist.

Pandora is a great site where you can discover new music. It will create a playlist for you depending on the genre, composer or artist that you entered in the search box. It has a feature that will let you create a lot of unique stations that only play the music that you want. Pandora One is the premium version of this site and the ads will be removed once you upgrade. Pandora One has a monthly fee but it has a higher audio quality compared to the original version. is a site that will enable you to listen to your favorite music and radio stations. It will track the artists that you frequently listen to, and make recommendations. It can also work with Spotify and it will give you new songs based on your preferences.

Slacker Radio enables you to create free custom stations where you can build songs according to your favorite artist and genres. It is a great way to find new music since Slacker Radio will mix songs that are similar to the music genre that you frequently listen to. There’s also a Recommended and Featured section that is custom-built by Slacker Radio. It is a great source to find and enjoy new music.

TuneIn radio can make you listen to the best radio stations not only locally, but all over the world as well. You can search and browse through everything including rock, religious, business and travel stations. You have the option to store your favorite stations on your mobile device so that you can access them anytime.

Dash Radio lets you listen to dozens of radio stations and stream lots of music with different genres. You can share the station to your Dash Radio dashboard and send them by email to friends. An app can be downloaded to your iPhone or to your android device for easier access.

Spotify is available through a browser or a mobile phone. It offers millions of songs and it has a lot of playlists. It is available for free streaming and it also has a radio available in case you want to hear some new music. You can have unlimited skips when you play it through a desktop. A mobile device will offer you the unlimited skip feature once you upgraded to its premium version. Another feature for premium users includes downloading songs and listening to them offline.

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