Many people listen to music around the world at any given time. A lot of cultures have their own music preferences and each country has its own popular singers. But what really are the factors of choosing a song and sometimes playing it over and over again?

A study made by Doctor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic shows that there are 2 opposing views on how we make our music preference. The first one depends on our experience, and the other is depending on our personality. Another model includes factors such as openness to experience, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The traits of openness to experience include people who like complex classical music and jazz. It also reflects a high level of intelligence. These people often dislike playing the same music repeatedly and prefer to hear new music.

People who have high conscientiousness are those who like rock and heavy metal songs. They are the ones that can be likely described as rebellious and intense.

Another predictor of music genre preference is extraversion. Extroverts prefer lively music. Whether they are running, doing the laundry or ironing, these people wants to feel good and upbeat. They want to avoid the monotony of doing their daily tasks. These people prefer music genres such as rap, pop and rock because they encourage movements.

People who are agreeable prefer conventional music.  Intensity in emotional responses was recorded to both sad and happy songs. Even though they have never listened to a song before, they can easily relate to it and they are easily open to all kinds of genres.

The more neurotic a person is, the more he or she will prefer to listen to upbeat and conventional music such as country songs and pop music. Listening to these kinds of music helps with the regulation of the negative emotion that he or she tends to think on a daily basis.

Music has become more accessible nowadays due to Spotify, Youtube, and other free streaming and downloadable sites. You can easily figure out the personality of your friend or family by listening to their favorite music. Aggressive types prefer heavy metal. Intelligent types prefer classical and jazz, and rebellious types prefer rock and hip hop music.

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