A lot of musical instruments are sold in the market today. Some are easier to learn compared to other musical instruments. Here is a list of easy-to-learn instruments that are suitable for beginners.

The piano can be a little challenging to master. But when you are able to learn the chords, notes, and keys, learning to play is definitely worth it. The music from a piano is played by a string so you can hear an authentic sound. A keyboard can be an affordable alternate solution if you don’t own a piano or if you can’t find one to rent. To make learning easier, you can assign a number to the major keys that are C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. You can watch tutorials online about piano chords and how to play it. You should also have the patience to practice in order to hone your skills.

Guitar is the most popular musical instrument today. You can buy a non-electric guitar when you are just starting to learn how to play it. Learn the basic chords first. There are 8 chords that you should master and then you can move to complicated ones afterwards. It is also available in many styles and shapes. A guitar does not necessarily need to be part of an orchestra. You can play a solo music from a guitar and it will still sound great.

If you are into jazz music, you can give the double bass a try. A double bass is like a cello and it’s played the same way. It is usually played while standing and the music is produced while striking or plucking the strings. It is not really a popular instrument but it is fairly easy to play and it is used in many ensembles.

The flute is the oldest musical instrument known to mankind. It is a brasswind instrument that can be part of an orchestra or can produce good music on its own. The hole where you blow air into the flute is called an embouchure.  You also need to maintain a good posture while playing the flute.

The violin can be a good choice when you are a beginner. It is easy to handle. It can serve as a foundation to choose another musical instrument later on. It lacks the keys and the frets that guitars have which make it easier to learn.

There are many popular musical instruments available today. The key to choosing the right instrument depends on your interest in learning how to play it. You need to keep an open mind. Finding the right instrument for you will serve as a cornerstone to other musical opportunities in the future.

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